Errol LEErrol Lewis

A Gallery In The BayAga

Founder, Artist


Errol Lewis owns and operates A Gallery in the Bay in Montego Bay, Jamaica.  In addition to being a versatile artist, he spent nine years as a teacher in Jamaica and in New York, as well as mentoring other artists and assisting them with design concepts and productions.

“Art is a mirror reflecting life and its marvelous events...its drama expressed in its movements and vibrations.” ~ Errol Lewis, Artist

Born in Westmoreland, Jamaica, Errol Lewis was educated at Cornwall College and the Jamaica School of Art, where he majored in sculpture and graduated in 1980 with a distinction and a credit in Art Education.  From 1979-1983, Errol cast sculptures for famed Jamaican sculptresses, Edna Manley and Kay Sullivan.

Errol has also had numerous publications in local and international press - both in Jamaica, New York, and Jamaica.