H  O M E Exhibition

HOME – the exhibition – brings together a diverse group of emerging and established visual artists, each using their respective media to explore notions of re-location, rebuilding, reinvention, perception, inspiration and memory. The theme lends itself, particularly, to the voices of New York transplants, who largely define this city and whose daily realities balance on the unification of worlds – neatly fitting one within, under, over or alongside the other. It is a path of unbroken transformation equally familiar to many native-born New Yorkers who, perhaps more than any other urban dwellers, know the dance of uprooting, renewing and recreating a sense of home, even within our own backyards.

Whether we identify home as an internal nexus, a physical structure, or a state of consciousness, how we receive the world is demarcated by those images and impressions - real and imagined - with which we associate it. This exhibition encourages artists to harness those visions and analyses using any varieties of personal examination and creative process.  The exhibition, in its entirety, is a celebration of the hundreds who will soon inhabit this glorious structure – each to engage hope and memory for the purpose of reinventing home. As well, it is a tribute to the rich archives and ethnicity of Sugar Hill, and creative proof of the omnipresent historical force in each of our lives.

- Omo Misha, Curator

The H O M E Exhibition is part of "If You Build It" - a site-specific project presented by No Longer Empty in partnership with Broadway Housing Communities at the home of the future Sugar Hill Apartments and Children's Museum

No Longer Empty's "If You Build It"

H O M E Exhibition Overview

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