OMO MISHA began her career in music only a short time ago. Music was, perhaps, one of the last things to work its way into her vast creative repertoire. MISHA was originally attracted to the business from a songwriter's point of view. Her talent and persona were undeniable however, and she quickly embraced her position on the stage. MISHA's eclectic style is the sheer product of growing up in Detroit - where Motown lingered in the air like freshly baked bread, yet grounds were fertile for the love of both Rock and Jazz. Her vocal approaches and musical inclination reflect a pure passion for a wide range of music.

OMO MISHA started out as one of the lead singers in a local NYC rock band, Greg Tate's MACK DIVA. The band performed locally at affiliated Black Rock Coalition events. Here, she honed her act and grasped the complexity of her own unique voice. She went on to become a featured singer and songwriter on a trip-hop compilation for PROJECT POLLEN/Steve Greenwell. The CD was released on indie labels in the U.S., Germany, and Japan (Mutiny, Sideburn, and Quattro respectively, 1997 - 1999). PROJECT POLLEN (featuring OMO MISHA) also did the score for "Just Lovers," an award winning drama that continues to show at film festivals across the globe. The soundtrack won the award for "best score" at the New York International Film Festival in the Fall of 2002. Misha has since completed further recordings with Steve, expanding on the ambient vibe they created on the debut release.

photo: G. Ali


OMO MISHA featuring project pollen

Misha's independent release features a collection of tracks co-written by Misha and Steve Greenwell. All music and production by Steve. Vocals and lyrics by Misha. See the CD page for more info.
Just Lovers
2002 Cinecall Soundtracks

Just Lovers - an award winning independent drama - took home the award for "best score" at the 2002 New York Independent Film and Video Festival. George McMorrow (Cinecall Soundtracks) was music supervisor of the movie, with Steve Greenwell as composer. Misha co-wrote and perrformed featured tracks for the score. Just Lovers was directed by Doug Bollinger and written and produced by Andrea Stein.
Voices of Domestic Violence
2001 KUNM Radio, New Mexico

Produced by Susan Thom Loubet, "Voices of Domestic Violence" - a radio documentary - created a portrait of the lives of women imprisoned for self-defense crimes in cases of domestic abuse. Voices won the Silver Reel Award at the National Federation of Community Broadcaster's 2002 Golden Reel Awards ceremony. The swampwater blues soundscape was created by guitarist, Thom Loubet, featuring vocals and songwriting by Misha.
1998 Quattro (Japan)
Project Pollen is rhe collaborative effort of producers Steve Greenwell And Ron Paul, who add the Contributions of guest vocalists and instrumentalists to their lazy 1997 Sideburn Records groove-based electronica. Half of (Germany) Project Pollen's eponymous debut album consists of instrumental mood pieces, like the haunting, Massive-Attack-style trip hop of "Ho Whin Phat" and the hypnotic "Imperial Garden," but there are genuine hooks in the breezy vocal tunes "That's 1997 Mutiny Records O.K." and the Luscious Jackson- (USA) esque "Me Lost," thanks to guest singers Dawn DeSimone and Misha, respectively. Worth hearing. - Andy Hinds, All Music Guide

The Project Pollen CD was given a facelift and released on Sideburn Records in Germany and Quattro in Japan the following year.
1997 Sideburn Records (Germany)
1997 Mutiny
Greg Tate's MACK DIVA
1996 Madrina Records

Mack Diva was Greg Tate's sophomore band effort - an eclectic mosh of talent highlighting vocals by Soyini Assata, Misha, and Keisha Elan Cole. Mack Diva was the springboard for Misha's singing and songwriting endeavors.