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Misha's bold designs in jewelry have made appearances in the media since the early 1990's. Highly individual concepts enhanced by the unconventional use of materials, texture, and color, make these designs absolute magnets to fashion editors, photographers, stylists, entertainers, and models alike. Misha has made a strong contribution to history, setting trends in ethnic and artisanal jewelry.

Special Projects

Special Projects

In addition to her own unique creations, Misha has executed designs for a wide range of companies. For POLO/Ralph Lauren she led a special project, creating beautiful beaded patterns for a daring, African-inspired Couture collection. For an extended period of time, she worked closely with the Liz Claiborne jewelry design team and, she regularly hand-embellished garment prototypes for Dana Buchman, Wathne, Enrique Martinez, and several independent fashion designers.

OMO MISHA….Misha’s children. To artist, Misha McGlown, these creations are, in fact, her children. In each lies the very essence of her being: They are unique, elegant, fun, rustic, and futuristic at once. This powerful line of jewelry has been making impressions on the world since its inception, over a decade ago. Clearly at the forefront of a movement of cultural art into fashion, Misha’s designs continue to lead in innovation, quality, and universality.

OMO MISHA jewelry art has been photographed for numerous publications including The Washington Post, Accessories Magazine, Essence Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, and Playgirl, to name a few. Department stores, specialty shops and galleries nationwide have carried the collection, including Nordstrom, Macy’s, Cache, The Studio Museum of Harlem, and dozens of smaller outlets. The jewelry has also been recognized in books authored by Harriette Cole, Constance C.R. White and Ademola Mandela, and has appeared in national ads for Revlon, Flori Roberts, African Pride, and Allways Natural Hair Products. Most recently, Misha was a featured artisan on HGTV's: "That's Clever!" demonstrating her use of polymer materials in
the creation of wearable art.

In addition to her personal creations, Misha has worked on special projects for POLO/Ralph Lauren, Liz Claiborne and EFS International (Save The Children and Precious Moments). She also created hand-embellished prototypes for Dana Buchman, Wathne, Enrique Martinez, and a number of independent designers.


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