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Writing Services

Writing is my first love! I have often said that if I had to pick just one thing to do - and one day I might - writing would be the one. I am not a fictional or creative writer, however. I write about that which I see and experience, and can fashion facts and existing ideas into relatable content. I can assist you with preparing persuasive business letters, promotional materials, web content, product descriptions and narratives, or even help you with developing and authoring your book idea. I have extensive professional experience with grant-writing, and will ensure that your submission is thorough, compelling, and meets submission guidelines. Most importantly, I am attentive to your concerns and your voice - anything I write for you will read as though you had written it yourself.

I am currently editing a healthy cuisine cookbook for a local foods company. Past writing clients have included Harlem Arts Alliance, Nichter Marketing, Osaka Telecommunications, Layercake Corporation, The Children's Art Carnival, and a wide range of sole-proprietors and individual artists. Feel free to contact me to discuss your project!



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Web Design

I must admit that building web sites is probably one of my least-favorite things to do (second only to laundry). And, truth be told, there are many sites nowadays that can walk you through building your own, so you probably don't need me for this. I also have to admit that I'm not the best web-developer in the world, but I can develop a clean, user-friendly site from start to finish, with all the basic tools you will need to market your business. If you want bells and whistles though - I am NOT your guy!

Contact me for rates and info. CLICK HERE to enjoy sample images and links from some of the sites I've had the opportunity to build.



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Graphic Design

Believe it or not, THIS is what I studied in school (Center for Creative Studies, Detroit, MI). And, while I have never had any interest in pursuing a career in graphic design, the minimal skills I have managed to retain over the years continue to come in handy. I am not what I would consider a practicing designer, but if you have some basic design needs, I can help. The range of my experience includes designing flyers, postcards, marketing materials and presentations, brochure and catalog design, as well as book formatting. Please do not ask me for a logo - I draw a blank there, but I am happy to direct you to some wonderful designer friends who can help you with that problem :-) CLICK HERE to view samples.



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