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911: Voices from the Outsider Media

an anthology including over 100 email messages that circulated
the world in the aftermath of September 11th.

Release Date: September 2011

911: Views from the Outsider Media

  Title: 911: Voices from the Outsider Media
  Editor: Misha McGlown
  Publisher: Omo Misha Publishing
  ISBN: 978-0-9796930-1-4
  Publish Date: September 2011
  Copyright: © 2011 Misha McGlown
  Language: English
  Country: United States

In the immediate hours, days and weeks following the life-altering morning of 9/11, I received a flood of emails reflecting a broad spectrum of ideas. I saved them and have never lost sight of the significance of this body of sentiments, or the hope of one day publishing and sharing them with the world. That day has finally come.

Approaching this tenth anniversary of 9/11, I am feverishly endeavoring to publish these writings in an anthology entitled 911: Voices from the Outsider Media. The book reveals those voices unheard through mainstream channels and includes personal accounts, facts and fiction, comic relief, inspiration and more. Penned and forwarded by everyday people, these entries encapsulate the moment, creating a powerful representation of global thought and the myriad expressions swirling between continents via the Internet - a tool we had only just begun to explore.

We have since seen an explosion in the Internet and are witnessing how social media has given birth to revolutions and engulfed our lives. But, in 2001 the Internet was still finding its way into people's homes; the breadth of its utility not yet fully defined. And, average civilians were just beginning to exercise our opinions through this channel – we were on the threshhold of the blog, circulating original thought and developing an understanding that we, the voiceless, could now be heard. We certainly didn’t start a revolution with these 9/11 emails, but we did heal and comfort, educate, inform, and in some cases, scare the bejesus out of one another in an effort to process what we were experiencing.

911: Voices from the Outsider Media includes over 100 selected entries from around the world. I gleaned the importance of these exchanges when a friend - not connected to the Internet at the time - asked that I print some of this out to share with her. It was then that I recognized the sheer volume and importance of the varied information that had invaded my mailbox. Whether I agree or disagree with some of it is of no consequence, the historical significance of this work lays in the fact that it renders an uncensored picture of a global society during the most life-changing moment in most of our histories. This is, on the subject of 9/11, an authentic record of the minority voice.

Author, Misha McGlown

Misha McGlown

A native of Detroit, MI, Misha McGlown attended Wayne State University and Center for Creative Studies (CCS). She has become best known for her jewelry collection, under the Omo Misha brand name. The name Omo Misha - which means Misha's children in Yoruba - has come to identify the artist and her myriad creative endeavors.

Misha began painting professionally in 2006 and has since exhibited throughout the New York area; including her first solo exhibit, presented by Columbia University, January - March 2008. On behalf of artHARLEM, Misha also had the opportunity to curate EVOLUTION: The Changing Face of Harlem – an exhibit hosted by Columbia University and featuring the works of 25 Harlem artists. Misha is currently Curator-in-Residence for Harlem's Café One, a member of the Harlem Biennale management team, and has affiliations with Symphony Space, Harlem Arts Alliance, the Dwyer Cultural Center and ArtCrawl Harlem.

She has worked in programming and development for The Children's Art Carnival and led residencies and youth workshops on behalf of the Artist's Collective for Social Change (NJ), Congreso Girls' Center (Philadelphia), Arts Horizons, Groundswell Mural Art Project and Manhattan Youth.

A multi-faceted artist and visionary, Misha is a published author and creator of The Omo Misha Times – a web ‘zine established in 2001, covering art, fashion, politics, fun and social awareness. She has been the recipient of artistic awards by the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (2011), the Puffin Foundation (2007, 2010) and Harlem Arts Alliance (2008, 2009) and participated in commissioned public art projects on behalf of the Harlem River Park Task Force and 125th Street BID (2010-2011)



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